Google Search Results Ranking Factors

Google has been the leader in providing users with the best and most useful search results for a long time. The main motivation behind their business idea was that providing users with instant search results on the first try will motivate them to come back and use their services again.

The criteria for determining ranking in the search results was at the beginning just which websites where accessed and linked to the most. Over time though Google has made some impressive upgrades to their ranking algorithm. Among other variables that create useful results for their users they tend to favor websites that have in past proved to contain the necessary resources for the users that search for a specific thing.

Basically, Google has become better at rewarding those that provide quality content and bring something useful to online community. This is told at every IM conference in the world. The results that Google’s offering for searches are called ‘organic’ because it assumes those results are offered first in rankings for the correct reasons and naturally. Nevertheless, Google at the beginning was offering results first in the rankings for all the wrong reasons.

Google at first couldn’t make a distinction from websites that were painted green and those that were really grass,because they were both were as valid, i.e. they couldn’t make the distinction between websites that offered useful information and those that only appeared to offer that same information.

When Google was not very efficient in finding manipulators(those that painted the websites green, the people that manipulated search results rankings by various simple methods) it meant that getting your website on the first page in search results was not a very hard thing to do and didn’t take much time and work.

That is why a good positions in ranking was easily obtainable at the beginning of Google’s search engine. We’ve all gotten e-mails that advertises 99$/month for a Search Engine Optimization special, which at the beginning would not have made any sense but now after Google has optimized their algorithms and has a dedicated junk team that will slap down any fraudulent short term increase in position ranking those SEO specials have their place.

What this means is that nowadays websites need to shine in term of usability, content, ease of access and presentation in order for them to be on the first page or even in first place regarding search results offered concerning a certain category of content.

The new techniques and practices regarding SEO means that Search Engine Optimization firms need to do more and more to get your site up in ranking and that means increasing the time and work invested to be able to obtain the same results as before. Yes various shifts made by Google in their algorithms means that SEO optimization is not just something that you can learn by rote it has become more involved, more human than before.

On the other hand the changes made by Google has ensured the viability of SEO firms in North America and around the world, it also means that we get to enjoy the most relevant results to our query when we use their search engine and so we access a more polished and continually improving Internet.